Building the Full Scale Aircraft

Dimensions (Estimates)

Length (without props)  : 2.0 m 
Width (without props)   : 2.0 m 
Heigth                  : 0.9 m
Prop diameter:          : 0.91 m (36 inch)
Empty weight            : 80 kg
Max. payload            : 90 kg 
MTOW                    : 170 kg   


the main frame is made of 40x40x3 mm aluminum tubes which are screwed together with M8 screws. The undercarriage and the safety cage for the pilot are glued from PVC pipes. These pipes are not only very cheap, but also very strong and extremely light. In addition, they are easy to process.


The MP12090 is brushless DC outrunner which will drive a 36 x 9.5 inch propeller. According to the manufacturer, a thrust of approx. 35 kg at 4600 rpm will be achieved at 70V and ~ 100 A. With a 20 S battery, which can deliver more than 100 A at 74 V, a maximum thrust of approx. 38 kg should be possible, resulting in a total thrust of 228 kg.

- KV: 80
- MAX POWER: 15 kW peak and 7.5 kW rated 
- MAX voltage : 80V
- RESISTANCE : 0.16 Ohm
- SIZE: 120 x 110 mm (without shaft)
- NET WEIGHT: 2.8kg
- SHAFT: 12mm


The 36 x 9.5 inch full carbon propeller comes (as the motor and ESC) from the chinese manufactur "FreeRChobby"


The ESCs are F-22S-380A-A models from "Flier Electronic" from China.

- Battery voltage from 12V to 90V
- Provides up to 380 A peak
- Two way communication with computer (USB adapter)
- Firmware can be upgrade by user.
- Enables voltage setting the per cell for cut off
- Reverse function, delay time is adjustable
- Timing setting can be adjusted (0°-30°) to suit the motor type.

All settings for the F-22S-380A-A ESC can be made conveniently via software on the computer.